Striving to do better and reduce our footprint

Our attention to detail naturally also includes focusing on reducing our environmental footprint. Our work with sustainability covers a lot of ground from the biggest to the smallest things. From suppliers’ compliance to EU legislation on adhesives, tanning etc. to incorporating recycled materials when possible in our shoes. We also work to reduce overproduction by sourcing surplus materials from other producers and stick to our own guideline and say “sold out” rather than produce too much ourselves.

Our work with sustainability also involves who we work with and how as well as only using recycled paper for packaging and working to find more sustainable means of transportation – and a whole lot more. We basically strive to do things better and work in close collaboration with our trusted suppliers to find new ways to improve and become a more sustainable shoemaker. Step by step.

We hope our passion for making classic and well-made shoes is clearly reflected when you tour our site and see our complete Playboy Footwear collection.