Our Company


We are a small family business with a strong tradition in making high quality men’s shoes and more than 50 years of experience as shoemakers. During most of the years, the iconic Original Playboy crepe sole shoes have been an important part of our company.

Ensuring the legacy of one of the world’s most iconic shoe brands

We started working with the Playboy brand in the late 70’s, after a Swedish company had bought the design patent and trademark rights from English shoemaker Hutton, who like many other high quality English manufacturers had to discontinue their business around that time. Years later, we acquired the brand name and patented design of The Original Playboy shoes ourselves and ever since it’s been our privilege to ensure the legacy of one of the world’s most iconic shoe brands.

The pure English design and high quality craftsmanship of The Original Playboy shoes are at the core of our brand and a constant reminder that great classics never die. The many details of the incredibly complicated hand lasted Original Playboy shoes is pure pleasure for a company like ours that have never worked with anything another than shoes.

Knowing every little detail about making shoes

From the beginning, we have taken pride in being involved in every detail of the shoemaking process and knowing everything about the craftsmanship. In our work with the complete Playboy Footwear collection, we have seen enough foot moulds to quickly spot a last with a perfect fit. We have worked with all kinds of materials and instantly know when we are holding an exceptionally good quality skin. We know what there is to know about cutting, moulding, stretching, stitching, welting, vulcanising and a whole lot of other things in the shoemaking process. In short, we know shoes.

We hope you will tour our site and see our passion for classic, well-made shoes reflected in the complete Playboy Footwear collection.

Best regards 

Charlotte Fabian
Owner, Playboy Footwear