Care Instructions

In order for you to get the most out of your Playboy Footwear shoes, we recommend that you care and maintain the footwear with the right products.

If you have bought shoes or boots in smooth leather, suede or nubuck you should read the following. Shoes or boots in mentioned materials should always be pre-treated with impregnation spray. The treatment should be maintained several times – note that bright colors require more frequent maintenance than dark colors. If suede or nubuck gets dirty let the shoes dry and brush away the dirt before impregnation. Never use a damp cloth on suede or nubuck. Smooth leather may be wiped clean with a damp cloth and subsequently treated with protection spray or shoe polish. Patent leather may only be treated with special patent polish.

Remember to use a shoehorn for your footwear and avoid using the opposite foot to push the shoe off as this can damage the heel.

How to protect your pair of Original Playboy shoes

To best maintain the appearance and prolong the durability of the shoes, we recommend the following:

The use of a shoe horn will help keep the back of the shoes strong.

A protector spray on the upper will help guard against stains and water. Apply three times with one minute apart before using. However, carefully cover the crepe soles first (e.g. with paper from the shoebox) as the spray will dissolve the natural rubber.

For suede uppers use a gentle suede brush and brush softly inwards in the direction of the hairs. For leather uppers applying natural wax or shoe cream will help protect and freshen up the leather. Always removed any dirt or dust first with a damp cloth.

If you want to freshen up the look of the crepe or crepe foxing, use a bit of natural leather wax or creme on the sole.

Avoid the crepe soles getting in contact with all types of oil, gasoline, soap or other solvents, which will dissolve the natural rubber sole. If accidently in contact with a solvent, use talcum to harden the crepe again.

Make sure to avoid contact with all types of oil, gasoline or other solvents which will dissolve the natural rubber sole. Also, the shoes are best stored in normal room temperature to keep the natural flexibility of the crepe material.